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Beyond Human-Level

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The most powerful conversation platform for enterprise

Focus on Excellence

Offering an experience that goes far beyond any ‘chat with documents’ with which you are familiar, our solution is based on an innovative knowledge graph, SemGraph©, for information retrieval, instead of the commonly used search by embeddings or keywords.

Automatic Pipeline Optimization

Our system will automatically explore the most effective methods for information retrieval, LLM prompts, and settings, and then adjust itself to optimize the quality of answers specifically for your data.


Easily switch between high-performing, cloud-based, and fully local LLM models, like LLAMA, which are automatically tuned for your data.

Extremely low hallucination rate

The SemGraph retrieval engine enables the identification of when requested information is not present in the knowledge base and reduces hallucinations by 26% compared to the embeddings search. Now, hallucinations are almost absent.

Helping your team focus on what really matters

Use your team only for integration of internal API calls

  • Easy to use
  • Do not write code or complex flows
  • Just explain in plain text when to call the API endpoint
  • Save on development


Text, voice, images

Easy to adjust

Automatic optimization


Supported LLMs

26 %

Reduced hallucinations rate


Caching rate hit


RAG (semantic search) demonstrates 30% better metrics compared to retrievals by OpenAI, Langchain, LangSmith, and Stack-AI.

Save on Large Language Models

Smart caching that will return simmilar responses for free

  • Free open-source models would be automatically used for simple requests
  • Smart cache will save up to 90% on costs
  • Simple automated tuning that will save months for the in-house ML team
  • Automatic evaluation of your data. Clear metrics instead of subjective judgments


Pricing plans

Choose the right pricing plan for your business





  • 2 documents
  • Basic models
  • Basic data extraction pipeline

Small business

Most Popular



Chat bots for business

  • 50 documents
  • Advanced data extraction
  • Automatic tuning of search pipeline and prompt
  • Text, images inputs and outputs
  • Smart API integration


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All power

  • Unlimited documents
  • Full pipeline automatic tuning (RAG+LLM)
  • On-premises deployment
  • 24*7 support
  • Text, image, voice channels
  • Video avatar
  • Call-centers integration


Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate your bot with call-center?
Definitely, we offer a complete real-time voice interaction experience.
How can I be sure that the answer is given based on the available documents?
You will see quotes and links to source documents
Can you customize solutions for us?
We could provide extra customization. Contact us.
Can the chat dialog be forwarded to customer support in difficult cases?
Yes, dialogue could be automatically passed to human support in cases where information is missing from the knowledge database, or, for example, if the customer is extremely angry.

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